David Saunders  RIBA

Projects Director

A British Licensed Architect. David has 19 years post professional experience and has been a resident in the United States for over 10 years. His portfolio is worldwide with projects in:

Europe: UK Cities of London and Glasgow.

Asia: Hong Kong, Mainland China, Vietnam and Thailand

North America: Texas and California.

David has a broad-based, multi-skilled knowledge of large and small scale projects including: Commercial/Retail, Custom, Single and multi-family Residential, Transportation, Industrial, Corporate, Historic Preservation, Defense, Hospitality and Assisted/ Senior Living Communities.


Professional Practice and Management Certification- Strathclyde University, Scotland 1993

Diploma of Architecture (US Master of Architecture equivalent) Brighton Polytechnic, England (ARB Scholarship) 1990

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture with Honors, Brighton Polytechnic, England 1986

Professional Organizations

Architect Registration Board UK (ARB), Registration number 05945D